HECS Ball Reviews

We always ask our new HECS Ballers how they’re doing. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

HECS balls are super versatile! A guaranteed satisfaction for the whole family. Perfect lockdown accessory for a former national youth team player and his beginner daughter. Thank you Dan & Derek for the fun!!

They've helped in reflex training and also in practicing proper form. I've been trying to get used to just using my wrist instead of full swinging with my arm to do lifts, and using the HECS balls has really helped in forming that muscle memory for when I actually play on court.

Really great for just some technical work and reflex training at home, it's really easy to do and fun. Especially good to incorporate into breaks from studying or work!
"Shuttler Ashwini Ponnappa is making the most of the HECS Balls, which she bought almost 18 months ago. The Red Bull athlete is using the wall at her residence as a sparring partner, with the shuttle replaced with the woollen HECS balls. Practising indoor with these balls is said to help improve hand-eye coordination, reflexes among others."
The New Indian Express
They're a great way to stay active at home, while practicing mechanics.
It's a great way to maintain control and precision when away from the court. Also a great warm up aid for competitions when no courts are available for practice. I've not played properly on court since playing with the balls but I can tell that I'll be able to hit the shuttle cleanly and keeps the hitting muscles strong. Also improvements when grip changing between shots due to the speed.

I like it a lot. Before I was using old shuttles for wall practice and they are quite loud and hard to control. The hecs ball is quieter and I can maintain longer rallies for better practice.

They’re a lot of fun and kind of lifesaver in the current situation. I really look forward to stop working from home, go to the next room and have a chance to grip my racket.

The sooner you start using the sooner you’ll feel the difference.

Haven't hit with a shuttle in months, but using the hecs ball allows me to keep my racket feel and improve wrist strength, reaction speed, and defense/drives!

My touch and contact have gotten more clean and consistent since starting with hecsball. I notice improvements especially on drive shots and smash defence.

Hecs balls are a really casual and fun way to get some good training in. I would totally recommend. The price is good too!

They are pretty much good and reduced the noise a lot instead of the shuttlecock, so that I can practice very quietly and frequently. They are durable and suitable for every badminton player. I really recommend it.I really loved it especially the smallest one.

Excellent. I have reason to practice on days I am home!

Great, use them for 5-10 mins every day!
If you want to improve any skill, you can do it with the HECS Balls!

It’s been two years since I haven’t played badminton and now that I practice with HECS balls, my reflexes have come back!

What you see is exactly what you get: a simple tool to improve your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, grip control, shot power, and the ability to practice your skills wherever you are. That's our mission.
- Dan and Derek