Become One With Your Racket.

Sharpen your reflexes, improve your hand-eye coordination, and develop your grip and racket skills with the ultimate training tool, the HECS Ball. Patented, and hand-crafted in Canada.

Faster Reflexes

Forget conventional reaction training. Improve your reflexes specific to your sport’s movements and skills.

Grip Power

Develop your wrist, finger, and arm strength specific to your sport. No more losing control of your racquet.

Better Coordination

Cultivate effortless power and accuracy with your skills. Make perfection look smooth and easy.

Skill Practice

Don’t depend on expensive court time for your own development. Learn, sharpen, and build consistency with your techniques at home.

Badminton #123 Pack

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Badminton #123 Pack

Made in Canada.

Dan Savard, Coach, Inventor.

As a badminton coach and trainer, Dan always does his best to pass on a passion for development to his students.

“The HECS Ball emerged from a bunch of stars aligning. First, there’s a real struggle to practice racket skills without being on the court. We couldn’t compete with the full-time players who had endless resources behind them. Badminton wasn’t a sport where you could take practice home with you, like musicians or other sports.

Secondly, there was no fun, safe, and effective way to spend more time practicing at home. Shuttles damage walls, make a lot of noise, and are too difficult to control and do anything but drives or serves. It takes a lot of dedication and knowledge to do shadow badminton and footwork without direction. I couldn't ask that of my students.

Lastly, the science behind rapid skill improvement has always been fascinating to me. I was happy to discover that years of bad habits could be fixed with a few minutes of targeted practice every day. Small adjustments to my game helped me improve despite not having taken any lessons for over 10 years, and my students had their own big improvements. Needless to say, I’m beyond grateful to have something that’s so fun and useful.

It took dozens of prototypes and a great team to put it all together. Now, we have the opportunity and knowledge to give everyone their very own home court.

I’m happy to share them with the world, young and old, beginners and professionals. It’s about time we can take our development into our own hands!”

HECS Ball Lineup

HECS Ball #1 (small)
High speed and bounce, zippy.

HECS Ball #2 (medium)
Right in the middle, the workhorse.

HECS Ball #3 (large)
Slow speed and bounce, high control.


I love that I can play with my grandchildren at home. It's been great for working on skills I never truly had the chance to learn, which has really improved my backhands!


HECS Balls are really fun! I like that I can play at home.

– MAGNUS, 11

The HECS Ball has been a huge part of my improvement as a player who didn't receive too much court time in the past. The power of both my backhand and forehand racket skills would not be where they are today without the HECS Ball!


HECS Balls have changed the way I play badminton. Before, if I would take a break or miss practice, I would be very rusty when I got back. But now, I can practice at home very easily and safely. If you want to stay sharp at all times, I highly recommend getting some HECS Balls!

– DANIEL R., 17

Incredibly fun and rewarding. They instantly felt remarkably like a shuttle - there was almost no adjustment period to practising with them.
Excellent response from the better club players in our club.