Three really good ways to practice and have fun.

We put our HECS Badminton #123 Pack together for good reason, and it’s our best seller for good reason.  It’s a variety pack -- 3 different balls -- and you’ve got three really good ways to practice and have fun.


HECS Ball #3: grip strength and muscular endurance.

The #3 ball -- the Large and Fluffy one -- is the biggest of the bunch. Don’t let its large size fool you, it actually weighs the same as the others. But all that fluff allows it to do something the others can't: absorb energy! It takes the hardest hits and bounces back off the wall without just flying by. And this fluff also makes it the quietest, great for late-night sessions practicing your grip.

Using the #3 HECS Ball demands more grip power, more finger strength, more racquet speed.  You’ll develop grip strength and muscular endurance in ways you really couldn’t before.

For a fun training modification, take your workout to the next level by playing with your racquet head cover affixed! Just ask Ashwini Ponnappa -- one of India's best badminton players -- how she does it.  But I warn you, she makes it look easy, and your forearms will burn!

HECS Ball #1: racquet speed and reflexes.

The #1 ball -- the Small and Bouncy one -- is the smallest of the bunch. You'll notice something strange about this one: it's not a perfect sphere, nor is it trying to be! It's denser, so it has this lively bounce off your strings and wall.

Using the #1 HECS Ball demands more speed than power.  After all, most racquet skills involve moving your racquet into position quickly to give yourself more shot options.  And this ball moves fast, keeping you on your toes and testing your reflexes as much as any training partner.

Improving is easy when you rack up the reps.  And do you ever find yourself completely missing the shuttle or ball?  Use the #1 to get you up to speed in record time.

For a fun training modification, challenge your eyes and brain by keeping one eye closed!  This slight change will help you train your non-dominant eye and force quick decisions based on less visual information. In other words, you can become more efficient by learning to feel where the HECS Ball or shuttle is going to be.

HECS Ball #2: balanced speed & bounce.

The #2 -- the Medium and Well-rounded one -- is the Goldilocks of the bunch: not too fast, not too slow. Its bounce is just right to keep you moving while giving you enough time to hit your shots with control.  Practice your serves with masking tape on the wall.  Work with the #2 on each new skill until you get the hang of things -- the steady nature of the ball gives you an excellent baseline -- then branch out to the #1 & #3 for new challenges.

Improving the most is easiest when you're having fun while stretching outside of your comfort zone. Try a combination of hitting harder and softer, all while keeping the ball in play as long as possible. If you can rack up over 100 consecutive hits, you're well on your way.

For a fun training modification, use a heavier racquet (or add weights to your regular one).  Now back on the court, you’re super fast and powerful!

In the end, you may find a favorite, but all three HECS Balls have their own unique abilities waiting for you as you improve. None is designated as a beginner ball, an advanced ball, etc.  They're useful for anyone and everyone.  You're only limited by your imagination!